Finding God In Earth, Water, and Sky

Experiencing God in nature is one of the prime targets of those who condescendingly dismiss the spirituality of people who identify as spiritual but not religious. Apparently it's superficial and narcissistic to find God in in the mountains or in a sunset. Or, it's not enough to experience such … Read more about Finding God In Earth, Water, and Sky

Tired of Being Insulted

Now that I've established some of my assumptions and interests, I'm beginning my "giving up church for Lent" journey wth Diana Butler Bass' new book, Grounded: Finding God in the World---A Spiritual Revolution. Bass' previous book, Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a … Read more about Tired of Being Insulted

Was Jesus Born to Die?

I preached this sermon on Sunday at the afternoon jazz worship service at Fourth Presbyterian Church. It weaves together a couple of earlier blog posts and Tony Jones' new book Did God Kill Jesus? (I'll have more to say about Tony's book in an upcoming post.) The scripture reading was Luke … Read more about Was Jesus Born to Die?

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

When I was in high school, my favorite youth group leader was a man named Dave. I don't recall him being an especially astute biblical scholar or a profound teacher. But he showed up every Sunday afternoon to play volleyball with us and his gift of time and attention meant the world to me. His … Read more about Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Confirmation Questions

Each year I begin our youth confirmation experience by asking our eighth grade students to write down the questions they have about God, faith, and the church. The questions they (and their adult leaders) come up with are always illuminating. Here are the questions our youth are asking this year, … Read more about Confirmation Questions

Eighth Grade Faith Questions

For me, faith is as much (or more) about the questions than it is about the answers. Each year at the beginning of their confirmation experience, I ask our 8th graders to list their biggest faith questions. Each year these questions are a good reminder of what our young people are thinking about … Read more about Eighth Grade Faith Questions