Instructor-Assisted Deployment

I spent this past weekend in Ontario as the guest of my friend and Doctor or Ministry colleague Peter Bartlett. He was being installed (though they much more appropriately call it a covenanting service) as the co-pastor of Eastminster United Church in Belleville, Ontario.  You can watch a video of … Read more about Instructor-Assisted Deployment

Why Does Church Matter?

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk with a group of parents at our church's fall Family Camp. I used our time to explore with them a question that is central to this blog: does church still matter in our post-Christendom world? Since these were active church members invested enough to take … Read more about Why Does Church Matter?

Putting the T in Progressive Youth Ministry

Last week, when I laid out my hopes for the Progressive Youth Ministry conference I'm organizing with the JoPa Group, I mentioned that one of my goals is to directly address issues and topics that simply don't get discussed at most (or any) other youth ministry conferences. High on this list is … Read more about Putting the T in Progressive Youth Ministry

Eighth Grade Faith Questions

For me, faith is as much (or more) about the questions than it is about the answers. Each year at the beginning of their confirmation experience, I ask our 8th graders to list their biggest faith questions. Each year these questions are a good reminder of what our young people are thinking about … Read more about Eighth Grade Faith Questions

Borg Blog: Resistance is Futile

I'm pleased to see that Marcus Borg is joining the blogosphere with a new blog at Patheos. Borg has been a big influence in my spiritual and academic development. I first encountered him as a college student in 1997 when I attended a weekend event he did on his book The God We Never Knew. It was … Read more about Borg Blog: Resistance is Futile

Walter White: A Morally Ambiguous Savior

Spoiler alert! This is about the Breaking Bad finale, so stop reading if you haven't seen it yet. First things first: I loved the ending of Breaking Bad. It was the perfect conclusion to the best long form examination of the fine line between good and evil and a man's descent into darkness that I … Read more about Walter White: A Morally Ambiguous Savior