God Is With Us

Christmas Eve 2014

I preached this sermon at the 6:00 PM Christmas Eve family service at Fourth Presbyterian Church last week. The primary text was the story of Jesus’ birth in Luke 2:1-20, but this service also featured a mashup of selections from Psalm 139 and The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. Welcome once again to Fourth […]

Confirmation Questions

Photo by Derek Bruff

Each year I begin our youth confirmation experience by asking our eighth grade students to write down the questions they have about God, faith, and the church. The questions they (and their adult leaders) come up with are always illuminating. Here are the questions our youth are asking this year, in no particular order but […]

Post-Christendom Youth Ministry

AWC Sketchnote

I’m WAY overdue sharing some of the highlights from my DMin thesis, “Post-Christendom Confirmation.” I presented some of it in my talk at the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference back in March with the more expansive title “Post-Christendom Youth Ministry.” Here are my slides from that talk: Post-Christendom Youth Ministry (PYM14) from johnvest I also really […]

What to Make of Tony’s Schism?


This week I’ve been writing about a post-Christendom posture that seeks unity rather than uniformity. An underlying conviction is that it is possible for post-Christendom Christians to look past our theological difference and rally around our common call as agents of the gospel in the world. (I realize, of course, that we may understand the […]

Glimpses of Post-Christendom: Purple Church

Photo by  Andy Powell

This post inaugurates a new feature of this blog, “Glimpses of Post-Christendom.” Under this category I will curate a collection of examples of what I think the church of post-Christendom looks like. These will be inspiring and challenging demonstrations of what creative and entrepreneurial people of faith are doing out there in the world. If […]