Expanded Statement of Faith

For years I've written and revised statements of faith as part of the confirmation programs I've led. I posted my most recent version here. Now that

Rob Bell: Everything is Spiritual (2006)

Tonight I am joining a group from Union Presbyterian Seminary to attend the Richmond stop of Rob Bell's new Everything is Spiritual tour. I'm excited

Why Evangelism?

I've never had "evangelism" in my job title before, and quite frankly I never thought that I would. Though most people never said anything out loud,

The Good News I Have Preached

This is my final Fourth Church Daily Devotion, published today. Scripture Reading---Mark 1:14-15 After John was arrested, Jesus came into Galilee

Statement of Faith

Like most (but not all) confirmation programs, each year we ask our youth to write statements of faith. Among youth workers and church leaders there

Theology for the Earth

Last week on Earth Day I posed the following question on Facebook: who in the theological world is doing interesting and important work with the