Beyond Commentary

In my last post I explained my shift from pursuing a PhD in biblical studies to a Doctor of Ministry program that will, among other things, focus on my practical engagement in youth ministry. In the past, when I’ve talked about such a shift, people have responded with some kind of comment about all of […]

Course (of Study) Correction

This post is a week overdue. Via Twitter and Facebook, I announced last week that I was beginning the Doctor of Ministry program at McCormick Theological Seminary. What I hadn’t anticipated was how seven or eight hours of class per day—largely spent talking with five other people—would wipe this introvert out. So—better late than never—here […]

Move New Church Development to the Top of Your List

This evening is the conclusion of a stimulating new church development training conference I have been attending for the past few days. I must say that I’m pretty exhausted yet filled up with ideas, questions, inspiration, and energy. I have my fingers in a variety of different Presbyterian pots these days, each of which challenge, […]

Beating Around the (Burning) Bush

I’ve recently read Bart Ehrman’s Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Don’t Know About Them).  I know that Ehrman gets a lot of mixed reviews.  Conservatives don’t like him because he attacks their beliefs.  Academics don’t take him as seriously now that he focuses more on writing popular bestselling […]

Seminary 2.0

Yesterday my friend Jeff wrote about the potential for an organization or venue especially for pastors akin to the Society of Biblical Literature.  Ultimately, he is concerned about the cultivation and nourishment of scholar-pastors.  In particular, I think he is suggesting that pastors should be encouraged and have opportunities to produce scholarship of their own […]