Do What Matters with Vibrant Faith

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the work of John Roberto and his organization Lifelong Faith Associates. One of his projects isĀ 21st Century Faith FormationĀ and recently I have been recommending the first chapter of his book Faith Formation 2020 as an accessible and helpful introduction to … Read more about Do What Matters with Vibrant Faith

Network Church

For the past few years I have been cultivating an approach to ministry I call "Network Church." Elements of this approach have certainly been in practice in a variety of ministry contexts for years, but this has been my way of pulling it together into a unified understanding of how to be church in … Read more about Network Church

Post-Christendom Youth Ministry

I'm WAY overdue sharing some of the highlights from my DMin thesis, "Post-Christendom Confirmation." I presented some of it in my talk at the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference back in March with the more expansive title "Post-Christendom Youth Ministry." Here are my slides from that talk: … Read more about Post-Christendom Youth Ministry

Presbyterianism as a Relational Network?

I keep finding myself involved in projects aimed at re-imaging what it means to be Presbyterian in our rapidly changing world. I served on the first Mid Councils Commission of the 219th General Assembly, charged with studying and making recommendations to update our system of presbyteries and … Read more about Presbyterianism as a Relational Network?

Social Media Catechesis?

Earlier this week it was reported that Facebook is thinking about lowering their minimum age so that kids under the age of 13 can join the social network, with parental supervision. Many people think this is a bad idea, and some have even suggested that the age requirement should be raised. As … Read more about Social Media Catechesis?

Non-Competitive Christianity (Part 2)

Yesterday I outlined a vision of non-competitive Christianity that primarily focuses on articulating and living out the gospel as we each understand it rather than engaging in endless polemics with Christians who understand the gospel differently. In a helpful comment, Michael Kruse adds insight and … Read more about Non-Competitive Christianity (Part 2)

Being Church in Real Time

Like many people, I first learned about the killing of Osama bin Laden on my computer. As soon as I saw the news, I tuned the television to CNN and then opened up Twitter and Facebook to see what people were saying. There was a nearly instantaneous stream of posts reflecting on the unfolding news. … Read more about Being Church in Real Time

Doug Pagitt, Church in the Inventive Age

Doug Pagitt's most recent book, Church in the Inventive Age, is a quick but valuable read. Doug offers a historical stratigraphy of American Christianity over the past 200 years---a relatively short period of time that has seen remarkably quick and far-reaching change---into four periods: the … Read more about Doug Pagitt, Church in the Inventive Age