Random Social Media Analogy


I have no idea why I thought of this, but here it is. (I think it must have been reflecting on the use of Twitter at recent conferences.) When I was in college I drove a big honkin’ pickup truck. It fit my Texas lifestyle. (I still kinda miss that truck.) It was about a […]

Ministry 2.0

Ministry 2.0

Over the weekend I had the privilege of organizing a panel discussion on social media and ministry at the Presbytery of Chicago’s LEAD event . Here is the description of our workshop: Ministry 2.0 How can tools like Facebook and Twitter be used for pastoral care, gospel witness, and relationship building? How must our paradigms […]

Social Media Catechesis?

Image by Daniel Iversen

Earlier this week it was reported that Facebook is thinking about lowering their minimum age so that kids under the age of 13 can join the social network, with parental supervision. Many people think this is a bad idea, and some have even suggested that the age requirement should be raised. As someone who works […]

Anthropology of YouTube


Okay, so this four years old now, but I’ve never seen it before. (Even in a media saturated world, you can’t see everything, right?) We watched it this evening in my DMin class on The Gospel and Global Media Cultures. It’s almost an hour long, but totally worth watching. Not only will this help you […]

Blogging About the Gospel and Global Media Cultures


I’m back at McCormick Theological Seminary this week for another elective course in my Doctor of Ministry program. This week it is a fascinating class called The Gospel and Global Media Cultures, taught by Mary Hess from Luther Seminary. Essentially, it is a course about the intersection of ministry, social media, and digital culture. Here […]