“Abraham lived to the age of 175. Abraham took his last breath and died after a good long life, a content old man, and he was placed with his ancestors. His sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave in Machpelah, which is in the field of Zohar’s son Ephron the Hittite, near Mamre. […]

Living in a Sorrowing City

Urban Dolorosa

Last night I attended the second of five Urban Dolorosa memorial events to honor Chicago children killed by violence. Urban Dolorosa—”suffering city”—is a movement among Chicago faith communities to raise awareness about the 277 Chicago children and youth who have died since September 2008, to grieve their loss, and to inspire the city to do […]

Gathering Together at the Table

Photo by James Emery

At the beginning of October, the PC(USA) Middle Governing Bodies Commission will reconvene in Indianapolis. At this meeting we will finally engage each other about some of the more controversial aspects of our work. One of the issues that is looming for us—and being talked about throughout the denomination—is non-geographic presbyteries. For those not familiar […]

Youth Violence in Chicago

On Monday, the fifth and final young man to be sentenced in the brutal killing of high school student Derrion Albert was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Two years ago, the beating death of Albert, filmed on a cell phone and seen around the world, drew national and international attention to the problem of […]

Sins of Our Fathers and Mothers

This is my sermon from Sunday’s jazz worship at Fourth Church. It shares some themes with my morning sermon, which I posted yesterday. Sins of Our Fathers and Mothers Genesis 37:1-36  August 14, 2011—4:00 Worship Fourth Presbyterian Church Today we are continuing our sermon series on the Book of Genesis by transitioning from the story […]