Was Jesus Born to Die?

I preached this sermon on Sunday at the afternoon jazz worship service at Fourth Presbyterian Church. It weaves together a couple of earlier blog posts and Tony Jones' new book Did God Kill Jesus? (I'll have more to say about Tony's book in an upcoming post.) The scripture reading was Luke … Read more about Was Jesus Born to Die?

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

When I was in high school, my favorite youth group leader was a man named Dave. I don't recall him being an especially astute biblical scholar or a profound teacher. But he showed up every Sunday afternoon to play volleyball with us and his gift of time and attention meant the world to me. His … Read more about Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

20 Things, Luck, Derrick Rose, and Gratitude

Here are four good YouTube videos I used in our youth worship service yesterday. Kid President is just straight up funny and right on target. I used this at the very beginning of the service to get people to think about things we should say more often and to make the point that worship helps us … Read more about 20 Things, Luck, Derrick Rose, and Gratitude

God Doesn’t Cause Rape

Debates about abortion aren't typically in my wheelhouse, but reflecting on God's activity in the world is. In particular, I am consistently fascinated---and mostly perplexed---by the theological concept of providence, the notion that God somehow controls all aspects of human history. Yesterday … Read more about God Doesn’t Cause Rape

Exploring Synchronicity

Every now and then, I use this blog to toss out an idea that is just beginning to bake in my head. This is one of those occasions. As if I need another project to work on. For years, I have been fascinated by the theological issue of providence. It seems to me that life is full of experiences in … Read more about Exploring Synchronicity

Check Out The Cabin in the Woods

When I first saw the trailer for The Cabin in the Woods, I didn't really think much of it. It looked like another typical contemporary horror movie. But after reading several glowing reviews for it, I decided to check it out yesterday. While I wasn't as surprised by the big twist as many reviewers … Read more about Check Out The Cabin in the Woods