20 Things, Luck, Derrick Rose, and Gratitude


Here are four good YouTube videos I used in our youth worship service yesterday. Kid President is just straight up funny and right on target. I used this at the very beginning of the service to get people to think about things we should say more often and to make the point that worship helps […]

Get Up!

Picture by Kevin Dooley

This is a sermon I preached yesterday. The text is Acts 9:36-43. Eleven days ago violent storms ripped through many parts of our country. I remember seeing a news report about a massive tornado in northern Arkansas that, among other buildings and homes, completely destroyed a church. No one was injured, but I couldn’t help […]

Suffering and Divine Causality

"suffering is permanent - obscure and dark" by Azlan DuPree

Was it providential (or synchronistic) that this devotion I wrote over a month ago would come out two days after Richard Mourdock’s comments about God’s causality when it comes to rape and conception? In any event, here is another reflection on suffering and divine causality. This appears as today’s Fourth Church Daily Devotion, part of […]

God Doesn’t Cause Rape


Debates about abortion aren’t typically in my wheelhouse, but reflecting on God’s activity in the world is. In particular, I am consistently fascinated—and mostly perplexed—by the theological concept of providence, the notion that God somehow controls all aspects of human history. Yesterday an Indiana Republican running for the Senate related a strong understanding of God’s […]

Exploring Synchronicity

"Web droplets" by Randy Read

Every now and then, I use this blog to toss out an idea that is just beginning to bake in my head. This is one of those occasions. As if I need another project to work on. For years, I have been fascinated by the theological issue of providence. It seems to me that life […]