Contemplative Worship

Related to my current interest in contemplative spirituality, I've been pondering some foundational questions about Protestant worship. In particular, I've been questioning the wordiness of our worship services and the centrality of the sermon in Reformed (and other) worship traditions. To be … Read more about Contemplative Worship

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Lucy Smith

Whether they admit it or not, most preachers approach Mother's Day with fear and trembling. In some places it ranks right up there with Easter as a Sunday that draws big crowds with high expectations. Yet many people have a troubled relationship with their mothers or with motherhood. Many have lost … Read more about Celebrate Mother’s Day with Lucy Smith

What is at Stake in Progressive Christianity?

When I was a fundamentalist, life faith was much easier.  My pastors and teachers taught me a closed system of doctrines, approaches to the Bible, and ways of thinking.  Most of the questions I asked had answers.  Personal and cultural problems were described and solutions were provided.  I learned … Read more about What is at Stake in Progressive Christianity?

Beating Around the (Burning) Bush

I've recently read Bart Ehrman's Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Don't Know About Them).  I know that Ehrman gets a lot of mixed reviews.  Conservatives don't like him because he attacks their beliefs.  Academics don't take him as seriously now that … Read more about Beating Around the (Burning) Bush