My “Secret Agent” Spiritual Guide

College was something of a crisis of faith for me. I was basically a fundamentalist when I left high school. After planning on a career in space physics and applying to schools based on this plan, by the time I needed to decide which college to attend I had felt a call to ministry that I could no … Read more about My “Secret Agent” Spiritual Guide

The Spiritual Evolution of Han Solo

I probably should have asked more about the membership of Brian Blount's advisory council before I opened my talk with them this morning by exegeting the new Star Wars trailer. Not to be ageist---I find myself saying this a lot lately---but my analysis might have been lost on them. I don't think any … Read more about The Spiritual Evolution of Han Solo

Proclaiming the Unknown God

The following is the sermon I preached for Confirmation Sunday at Fourth Presbyterian Church on April 27, 2014. The scripture readings were John 20:19-31 and Acts 17:16-34. You can listen to an audio recording of the sermon here: Proclaiming the Unknown God (4.27.2014) This week I as I prepared … Read more about Proclaiming the Unknown God

Instructor-Assisted Deployment

I spent this past weekend in Ontario as the guest of my friend and Doctor or Ministry colleague Peter Bartlett. He was being installed (though they much more appropriately call it a covenanting service) as the co-pastor of Eastminster United Church in Belleville, Ontario.  You can watch a video of … Read more about Instructor-Assisted Deployment

A Conference on Progressive Youth Ministry

For over a year  I have been floating the idea of a conference on progressive youth ministry, and I'm pleased to say that this idea is finally coming together. I've been working with Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt (JoPa Productions) on a conference that we'll host at Fourth Presbyterian Church in the … Read more about A Conference on Progressive Youth Ministry

Precritical and Postcritical Naiveté in Ministry with Children and Youth

I'm excited to be a presenter at an upcoming conference called Subverting the Norm. Putting together the presentation in the next month will be a daunting task given all of the other projects I have on the burner, but this conference was an opportunity I didn't want to pass up. It will bring … Read more about Precritical and Postcritical Naiveté in Ministry with Children and Youth

God’s Once and Future Kingdom

Yesterday's Christ the King sermon on John 18:33-38. Last week, after the dedication of the Gratz Center, my family and a friend went out for a late lunch. At some point the conversation turned toward Christmas. We began to ask my almost four year old son what Christmas is all about. Whatever … Read more about God’s Once and Future Kingdom