On My Year as Presbytery Moderator

A week and a half ago I ended my one year term as Moderator of the Presbytery of Chicago by handing over the cross and gavel to Sonia Bodi. Serving as a presbytery moderator was a challenging and rewarding experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it. In no particular order, here are some … Read more about On My Year as Presbytery Moderator

Playing at Presbyterianism

Carmen Fowler LaBerge of the Layman recently posted a reflection titled "Commentary on a Comment: 'People are Going to Hell While You're Playing at Presbyterianism." She wrote it after attending the Covenant Network conference on marriage a few weeks ago and last week's World Outreach Encounter of … Read more about Playing at Presbyterianism

Presbyterian Reboot

In the past, I've written about my fascination with the practice---common with comic books and movies---of rebooting an entertainment franchise in order to update it for new audiences. The idea is too preserve the core of the story, but make it more relevant and compelling for contemporary … Read more about Presbyterian Reboot

A Constitutional Change I’d Like to See

For several years I've been thinking about a constitutional change to PC(USA) polity that I'd love to see get some traction. Currently, when a constitutional change is passed by a General Assembly, it must be ratified by a majority of presbyteries. Each presbytery votes on the matter and the … Read more about A Constitutional Change I’d Like to See

Non-Competitive Christianity (Part 2)

Yesterday I outlined a vision of non-competitive Christianity that primarily focuses on articulating and living out the gospel as we each understand it rather than engaging in endless polemics with Christians who understand the gospel differently. In a helpful comment, Michael Kruse adds insight and … Read more about Non-Competitive Christianity (Part 2)

What Makes Us Presbyterian?

Earlier this week I saw this story about a small PC(USA) congregation in Los Angeles with a gay pastor that decided to leave the denomination to join the more progressive United Church of Christ. It is an interesting counterpoint to the more typical narrative: conservative churches leaving the … Read more about What Makes Us Presbyterian?

Where is the Connectionalism?

I was in a meeting today discussing the rationale for why a presbytery should be involved in camping ministry. As a starter, a member of our team took three responsibilities of presbyteries as outlined in the Book of Order (G-11.0103) and suggested how a presbytery camping ministry corresponds to … Read more about Where is the Connectionalism?