I’m Not a Priest, Except When I Am

Collar, tabs, hood

This year and next, Fourth Presbyterian Church is blessed to have Layton Williams serving as our Pastoral Resident. She is already a gifted pastor and I love her blog. One of the cool things she is doing this year is gathering our clergy staff together once a month to have an open discussion about various […]

Why Join A Church?

Image by Craig Taylor

Last week a young leader in our church told me that she had been in a conversation with a friend about the benefits of joining a church versus simply going to church. She thought she had some good answers but was curious what a pastor at her church thought. Here is my response: Great question. […]

My Final Post as the (un)Tamed Cynic


It’s time for a change. I’ve been writing this blog for over three and a half years under the tagline “Posts from the Blog of an (un)Tamed Cynic.” It was a nod to Reinhold Niebuhr’s fascinating book Leaves from the Notebook of a Tamed Cynic. I suppose there was some hubris involved in naming my […]

An Unquenchable Trust

Photo by Tom Check.

This is another “lost” post from the end of 2012. This train of thought was prompted by reflection on my grandmother’s death and the opportunity I had to officiate her funeral. She was quite certain about what awaited her on the other side. I, on the other hand, am deeply agnostic about what happens to […]

Worth Holding On To

The view from the chancel of Fourth Presbyterian Church before John Buchanan's final worship service as pastor.

Yesterday, after 26 years as its pastor (and almost 49 years of ordained ministry), John Buchanan preached his final sermon at Fourth Presbyterian Church. It was a stunning and emotional day. Indeed, it was the end of an era. Over the course of three worship services, over 2600 people filled the pews for this historic […]