Which Narrative Do We Choose?

Following up on yesterday's post about the theme of exile at the NEXT Church National Gathering, here are some further thoughts about the biblical narratives we use to help us understand our situation and tell our stories. There are essentially three sweeping narratives in the Bible, all three of … Read more about Which Narrative Do We Choose?

Struggling with Exile at #NEXTChurch2014

The two and a half days I spent at the 2014 NEXT Church National Gathering were refreshing and inspiring. I want to make a few general comments about the conference before diving into the theme that I wrestled with the most. I've now been to all of the NEXT national gatherings except last year … Read more about Struggling with Exile at #NEXTChurch2014

What’s Next for Youth Ministry?

This month I'll be curating a conversation on youth ministry over on the NEXT Church blog. My introductory post went up today and here is a sample: Long gone are the days of thinking about youth ministry as “passing on the faith” to emerging generations. The last thing we want to do is simply … Read more about What’s Next for Youth Ministry?

Our Preferred Connectionalism

This week I have written a few posts about connectionalism and reform in the Presbyterian Church (USA). If I were to summarize the basic idea I've been working on, it is this: a kind of relational networking---as opposed to existing forms of regulated and structured Presbyterianism---is emerging as … Read more about Our Preferred Connectionalism

What’s NEXT and What’s Emerging in the PC(USA)?

For a variety of reasons, I couldn't attend the NEXT Church national gathering last week. But I was able to watch some of it on the live stream and will catch up on some other highlights once they post videos. I've also read several blog posts about it and have talked with some friends who … Read more about What’s NEXT and What’s Emerging in the PC(USA)?

Toward a Better Connectionalism

When asked what it is about Presbyterianism that people most value,  connectionalism always emerges as an essential element of this way of being Christian. Yet no one really seems to know what this means. Some might quote the Book of Order: "Congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA), while … Read more about Toward a Better Connectionalism

From Thanksgiving to What’s Next

My second guest post at the NEXT Church blog was published yesterday. Here is a taste of "From Thanksgiving to What's Next": It seems to me that if mainline Protestantism has a particular charism in the far-reaching revolutions taking place in Christianity today, it will involve the discerning work … Read more about From Thanksgiving to What’s Next

What Has Chicago to do With Dubuque?

This week I have two guest posts on the NEXT Church blog. The first is called "What Has Chicago to do With Dubuque?" Here is a teaser: In our increasingly pluralistic society, as the divides between urban centers and rural communities continue to widen, and as minority populations gradually … Read more about What Has Chicago to do With Dubuque?