Not So Sweet 16 for the PC(USA)

In addition to the new Pew report on US religious trends, this week we also received the 2014 statistics report from the Presbyterian Church (USA).

BBQ Church is Happening on Sunday

What I Did on My Summer "Vacation"... Friends and readers of this blog will know that BBQ has become one of my passions in recent years. As a

The Vine is Dying

I'm growing increasingly frustrated and impatient with mainline Protestant churches like the one I serve, the Presbyterian Church (USA). At every

Into the Deep

I preached this sermon yesterday at our afternoon jazz service. The scripture reading is Luke 5:1-11. My son is finally getting comfortable enough

A Denomination in Decline

This post comes directly from the PC(USA) Mid Councils Commission report (18-19). I wrote this section with input from commission member Karen Dimon.

Dreaming of a Blues Church

Today the Chicago Tribune published the final installment of Howard Reich's excellent series on Chicago blues. I first noticed the series a month