God is Not an Idea

Photo by Hey Paul Studios

Today I am beginning the series of one-on-one meetings I have each year with confirmands during the two weeks leading up to our confirmation Sunday. I love this time with our young people, asking them big questions about faith and hearing how they respond in their own unique ways. I’ve written before about the series […]

Beyond Words

Photo by Greg Dunlap

Along with a lot of other Christians, Presbyterians are too damn in love with words. Though celebrating the life of the mind as a way of faith is one of the things that drew me to Presbyterianism, I’m realizing now that sometimes we let ourselves get carried away. And, of course, we’re not alone. Think […]

Journeying Along Mystic Paths


I’m no longer afraid to admit that I’m a rationalistic and disenchanted person of faith. I’ve lived into this way of being long enough to own it. Because I was raised in a form of Christianity that frowned upon this kind faith, for many years I was embarrassed by it and not sure if I […]