Instructor-Assisted Deployment

I spent this past weekend in Ontario as the guest of my friend and Doctor or Ministry colleague Peter Bartlett. He was being installed (though they

Chicago Presbytery Reboot

On Friday I suggested that instead of tweaking calcified denominational systems, perhaps what is needed most is a reboot. I further suggested that

Presbyterian Reboot

In the past, I've written about my fascination with the practice---common with comic books and movies---of rebooting an entertainment franchise in

Non-Geographic and Micro-Presbyteries

I guess I just can't help myself. Here's a post on Presbyterian ecclesiology. Feel free to tune out. I've written about my disappointment that the

Mid Councils Reform: Failure to Launch

In a not entirely surprising---though no less disappointing---series of events, the Mid Councils Commission report was gutted and mostly rejected at

Non-Competitive Christianity (Part 2)

Yesterday I outlined a vision of non-competitive Christianity that primarily focuses on articulating and living out the gospel as we each understand