What is Post-Christendom?

A friend of mine in California is leading an adult education class on post-Christendom and asked me to put together some introductory videos for her class. The first class was yesterday and here is the video. This project is a helpful challenge as I continue to work on articulating what … Read more about What is Post-Christendom?

Our Preferred Connectionalism

This week I have written a few posts about connectionalism and reform in the Presbyterian Church (USA). If I were to summarize the basic idea I've been working on, it is this: a kind of relational networking---as opposed to existing forms of regulated and structured Presbyterianism---is emerging as … Read more about Our Preferred Connectionalism

Can the PC(USA) Be Reformed?

The second edition of the PC(USA) Mid Councils Commission¬†is meeting this weekend in Dallas. Having served on the first (failed) attempt at this, I have a question I'd love to hear some Presbyterian perspectives on: Can the PC(USA) be reformed? Here's some background. Yesterday I wrote a post in … Read more about Can the PC(USA) Be Reformed?

Presbyterian Reboot

In the past, I've written about my fascination with the practice---common with comic books and movies---of rebooting an entertainment franchise in order to update it for new audiences. The idea is too preserve the core of the story, but make it more relevant and compelling for contemporary … Read more about Presbyterian Reboot

Non-Geographic and Micro-Presbyteries

I guess I just can't help myself. Here's a post on Presbyterian ecclesiology. Feel free to tune out. I've written about my disappointment that the Mid Councils Commission recommendation to allow experimentation with non-geographic presbyteries didn't gain any traction at the PC(USA) General … Read more about Non-Geographic and Micro-Presbyteries

What’s a Frustrated and Impatient Presbyterian to Do?

Evidently, take a month-long hiatus from blogging. (A great way to capitalize on the readership bump I experienced at GA, huh?) As my most recent posts indicate, I was more than a little discouraged and burnt out by the time I left the General Assembly last month. In my estimation, it was … Read more about What’s a Frustrated and Impatient Presbyterian to Do?

Mid Councils Reform: Failure to Launch

In a not entirely surprising---though no less disappointing---series of events, the Mid Councils Commission report was gutted and mostly rejected at the General Assembly. Though I still hold out some hope that the issues we raised will generate discussion and perhaps even innovation in our church, I … Read more about Mid Councils Reform: Failure to Launch

A Constitutional Change I’d Like to See

For several years I've been thinking about a constitutional change to PC(USA) polity that I'd love to see get some traction. Currently, when a constitutional change is passed by a General Assembly, it must be ratified by a majority of presbyteries. Each presbytery votes on the matter and the … Read more about A Constitutional Change I’d Like to See