From Pathos to Hope

Yesterday I posted about embracing the pathos of current realities in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Ironically---or perhaps providentially---on the same day a group of Presbyterians, several of whom I know as friends, posted a letter and video about Hope for the PC(USA). I think that my message and … Read more about From Pathos to Hope

Embracing the Pathos of Our Situation

I've spent considerable time over the past year and a half reflecting on the challenges faced by Mainline Protestant denominations, especially the Presbyterian Church (USA). There are numerous conflicting assessments of the situation "on the ground". Some have said that we are "deathly ill". Others … Read more about Embracing the Pathos of Our Situation

Will the PC(USA) Split in 2012?

Last week, as part of his religion predictions for 2012, Tony Jones predicted that the Presbyterian Church (USA) will split at our upcoming General Assembly. Earlier in the month, in an open letter clarifying his involvement in the Fellowship of Presbyterians, Presbyterian theologian Joseph Small … Read more about Will the PC(USA) Split in 2012?

Thinking About Non-Geographic Presbyteries

A few weeks ago I wrote about my deep ambivalence regarding the current PC(USA) debate about non-geographic presbyteries. After the recent meeting of the Mid Councils Commission, I'm still ambivalent. But I am definitely leaning more and more toward giving this idea a chance. I'm sympathetic to … Read more about Thinking About Non-Geographic Presbyteries

Gathering Together at the Table

At the beginning of October, the PC(USA) Middle Governing Bodies Commission will reconvene in Indianapolis. At this meeting we will finally engage each other about some of the more controversial aspects of our work. One of the issues that is looming for us—and being talked about throughout the … Read more about Gathering Together at the Table

What Does It Mean to Be Presbyterian?

I'm back at work with the PC(USA) Middle Governing Bodies Commission. We're meeting in Seattle and working on moving from our listening phase to our creative and generative phase. That means we are starting to talk with each other about the issues at the heart of our work. As part of this process, … Read more about What Does It Mean to Be Presbyterian?

Where is the Connectionalism?

I was in a meeting today discussing the rationale for why a presbytery should be involved in camping ministry. As a starter, a member of our team took three responsibilities of presbyteries as outlined in the Book of Order (G-11.0103) and suggested how a presbytery camping ministry corresponds to … Read more about Where is the Connectionalism?