On So-Called “Religious Freedom” Legislation

So-called "religious freedom" legislation in Indiana and Arkansas has been getting a lot of press lately. Critics claim that these bills will make it possible for businesses to legally discriminate against same gender couples. As a citizen of the United States of America (who happens to be a … Read more about On So-Called “Religious Freedom” Legislation

What to do with “Sisters and Brothers”?

So here is a liturgical language issue that is blowing my mind a little bit and raising lots of questions for me. I recently had a very interesting conversation with a member of my church who has a transgender sibling. Because her sibling does not fully identify with either gender, she made a … Read more about What to do with “Sisters and Brothers”?

Playing at Presbyterianism

Carmen Fowler LaBerge of the Layman recently posted a reflection titled "Commentary on a Comment: 'People are Going to Hell While You're Playing at Presbyterianism." She wrote it after attending the Covenant Network conference on marriage a few weeks ago and last week's World Outreach Encounter of … Read more about Playing at Presbyterianism

Putting the T in Progressive Youth Ministry

Last week, when I laid out my hopes for the Progressive Youth Ministry conference I'm organizing with the JoPa Group, I mentioned that one of my goals is to directly address issues and topics that simply don't get discussed at most (or any) other youth ministry conferences. High on this list is … Read more about Putting the T in Progressive Youth Ministry

My First Pride Parade Experience

For some reason or another, I have always had a schedule conflict for the Chicago Pride Parade. This year, as I was wrapping up my duties at church on Sunday morning, I noticed an email from my good friend Polly passing on an open invitation to walk in the parade with the Chicago Coalition of … Read more about My First Pride Parade Experience