We Do What Jesus Did

Photo by Chris Burke

I preached this sermon on Sunday at the 4:00 jazz service at Fourth Church. It is a reflection on Jesus’ baptism and the notion that changing one’s heart and life is a more appropriate understanding of metanoia than the traditional connotations of repentance. It also suggests that what young people experience in confirmation is a […]

BBQ Dynasty


I haven’t publicly commented on the Phil Robertson controversy these past few weeks. I’ve never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty, so I don’t have much context other than what I’ve seen in news reports. Honestly, I think the whole thing was a publicity stunt intended to stir up old culture war conflicts. Based on […]

Borg on Advent

I’m clearly working my way back through my overflowing inbox. After commenting last night on Marcus Borg’s recent post on Christmas, I ran across his equally helpful post on Advent from a few weeks ago. Here is the main argument: Seeing Advent as a penitential season strikes me as unfortunate. It is the product of […]

Borg on Christmas

Every year my confirmation curriculum focuses on Jesus during Advent. While our reflections on Jesus’ message and the meaning of his death sometimes seem out of place when juxtaposed with the themes of Advent—it’d be better, I suppose, to do this during Lent—it is definitely meaningful to study Jesus with our confirmands during this season […]

It’s Right Outside Our Door


I preached this sermon this past Sunday at Fourth Presbyterian Church. It brings together a variety of themes I’ve been reflecting on lately. The scripture readings were Isaiah 65:17-25 and Luke 21:5-19. The title and the closing line come from the Rage Against the Machine Song “Testify.” (I’m not sure anyone picked up on that.) In […]