At Least They Don’t Follow Sharia Law

I'm not trying to exploit this tragedy. I'm really not. What I'm trying to do is remove the Islamophobic blinders covering the eyes of much of America. This morning I read a news story about members of a Christian church who were arrested after a 19-year-old son of two of the suspects died from … Read more about At Least They Don’t Follow Sharia Law

Do All Christians Kill Muslims and Their Own Children?

A post about Ben Carson's bigotry attracted an industrial size can of Islamophobia to my Facebook page yesterday. I've lost patience for Christians who have never even had a conversation with a Muslim spewing false statements and hateful caricatures of Islam. What is most maddening is that these … Read more about Do All Christians Kill Muslims and Their Own Children?

Praying God’s Wrath?

Every morning, Monday through Friday, there is a prayer service at Fourth Church. We read scriptures from the daily lectionary, read the day's story from the PC(USA) Mission Yearbook, and pray for members of our community and beyond. Today, one of the suggested psalms was Psalm 5, which today's … Read more about Praying God’s Wrath?

What Would You Do?

Yesterday at our 4:00 Jazz Service, we focused on the parable of the Good Samaritan.  At some recent youth events I have introduced this parable with clips from the ABC news series What Would You Do? This show is a fascinating examination of ethics that uses hidden cameras to see how real people … Read more about What Would You Do?

An Unremitting Struggle

Several weeks ago, I visited the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis while on our Senior High Justice Journey.  The very first exhibit was called "Unremitting Struggle".  I wrote that phrase down in my trip journal and thought about it numerous times throughout the week. Civil rights, justice, … Read more about An Unremitting Struggle