Eighth Grade Faith Questions

Photo by Oberazzi

For me, faith is as much (or more) about the questions than it is about the answers. Each year at the beginning of their confirmation experience, I ask our 8th graders to list their biggest faith questions. Each year these questions are a good reminder of what our young people are thinking about faith. The […]

Change Happens

Image by Sean MacEntee

Reading: Acts 10:1-33 Reflection In college I was introduced to the historical and critical study of religion. As it applies to my own Christian faith, this approach has helped me realize that religion is never static. Rather, religion is always dynamic and changing. Such thinking would have been considered heretical in the conservative churches in […]

Church is a Tool, But For What Purpose?

Photo by zzpza

I’m past the half way mark of the DMin class I’m taking with Lillian Daniel this week on “Why Church Matters in a Culture of Narcissism.” While I’m still not sure that we’ve articulated an answer to the question of why church should matter to those who would prefer “spiritual but not religious,” some thoughts […]

Get Up!

Picture by Kevin Dooley

This is a sermon I preached yesterday. The text is Acts 9:36-43. Eleven days ago violent storms ripped through many parts of our country. I remember seeing a news report about a massive tornado in northern Arkansas that, among other buildings and homes, completely destroyed a church. No one was injured, but I couldn’t help […]

Beyond Words

Photo by Greg Dunlap

Along with a lot of other Christians, Presbyterians are too damn in love with words. Though celebrating the life of the mind as a way of faith is one of the things that drew me to Presbyterianism, I’m realizing now that sometimes we let ourselves get carried away. And, of course, we’re not alone. Think […]