What’s a Frustrated and Impatient Presbyterian to Do?

My son and I enjoying some quality time at Montreat

Evidently, take a month-long hiatus from blogging. (A great way to capitalize on the readership bump I experienced at GA, huh?) As my most recent posts indicate, I was more than a little discouraged and burnt out by the time I left the General Assembly last month. In my estimation, it was pretty much a […]

That’s Me in the Corner, Losing Faith in Denominationalism

It’s no secret that Tony Jones is not a fan of denominations. He writes about it quite a bit, and also links to others. This week, while two denominations are having assemblies, he linked to a post by David Lose titled “Five Reasons Denominations are Passe.” It is a worthy read that I commend to […]

Mid Councils Reform: Failure to Launch

In a not entirely surprising—though no less disappointing—series of events, the Mid Councils Commission report was gutted and mostly rejected at the General Assembly. Though I still hold out some hope that the issues we raised will generate discussion and perhaps even innovation in our church, I must say that I’m feeling pretty discouraged at […]

A Constitutional Change I’d Like to See

For several years I’ve been thinking about a constitutional change to PC(USA) polity that I’d love to see get some traction. Currently, when a constitutional change is passed by a General Assembly, it must be ratified by a majority of presbyteries. Each presbytery votes on the matter and the tally of presbytery votes determines whether […]

Some Words of Encouragement

As the youngest pastor on the Mid Councils Commission, I was asked to provide some personal words of encouragement as part of our report to Committee 05 of GA220 today. Here is what I had to say. When I began the process toward ordained ministry in the PC(USA) 13 years ago and when I was […]