Why I Didn’t Do Tailgate Communion This Year

BBQ Blizzard Blues

With a poor play call and a fistfight, the football season ended last night. (Well, for those of us more interested in college football, the season ended on January 12.) This, combined with the blizzard that nixed any BBQ plans I might have had for the big game, reminded me of a blog post I […]

This Sunday: Tailgate Church

Waldron Deck

About a year ago, I found myself tailgating at a Bears game with several others pastors on a Sunday afternoon. As we joined hundreds of other fans who were eating and drinking before entering the stadium, it occurred to me that what we were participating in was no less ritualized than the worship services we […]

A Dangerous Game


On Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was knocked out during a football game and some fans of his own team appeared to cheer his injury. (There are, of course, some conflicting accounts of what happened and why.) In response, Chiefs offensive lineman Eric Winston gave a passionate locker room interview about the nature […]

Monday Morning Football Fan

Photo by Elvert Barnes

It’s the Monday morning after the end of the college football regular season—all that’s left before bowl games is the Army-Navy game—and near the end of the NFL regular season. So, in no particular order, here are some Monday morning thoughts about football. The Chicago Bears suck. At least they sucked in yesterday’s humiliating loss […]

Thoughts on Penn State

Cartoon by Scott Stantis

As an avid college football fan—and a more informed citizen than Ashton Kutcher—I’ve been watching with interest and outrage the unfolding of the nightmare at Penn State. (I refuse, by the way, to call this a “sex scandal”, which is what we usually use to refer to politicians getting caught doing something naughty. These heinous […]