Tales of Two Cities


I preached this sermon at the assembly of the Presbytery of Chicago this past Saturday. Okay, before I say what I’m going to say, I want you to do something. We’re going to start this sermon with a bit of congregational participation, which I know makes most Presbyterians freak out. But here’s what I want […]

The Vine is Dying

Photo by Hans Kylberg

I’m growing increasingly frustrated and impatient with mainline Protestant churches like the one I serve, the Presbyterian Church (USA). At every level of our system, from congregations on up to General Assembly agencies, we keep missing the big picture. We measure our success by how well we manage and deploy an increasingly small pool of […]

The New Frontier of Evangelism

This isn’t exactly the “reclaiming evangelical” post that is ruminating in my mind, but it’s getting close. It also occurs to me that there are books out there by evangelicals that make a similar point (unChristian; They Like Jesus but Not the Church), but it should be clear that I’m suggesting something completely different, though […]