What to Make of Tony’s Schism?


This week I’ve been writing about a post-Christendom posture that seeks unity rather than uniformity. An underlying conviction is that it is possible for post-Christendom Christians to look past our theological difference and rally around our common call as agents of the gospel in the world. (I realize, of course, that we may understand the […]

A Conference on Progressive Youth Ministry

progressive youth ministry

For over a year  I have been floating the idea of a conference on progressive youth ministry, and I’m pleased to say that this idea is finally coming together. I’ve been working with Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt (JoPa Productions) on a conference that we’ll host at Fourth Presbyterian Church in the spring of 2014. […]

Can the PC(USA) Be Reformed?


The second edition of the PC(USA) Mid Councils Commission is meeting this weekend in Dallas. Having served on the first (failed) attempt at this, I have a question I’d love to hear some Presbyterian perspectives on: Can the PC(USA) be reformed? Here’s some background. Yesterday I wrote a post in which I pondered whether the best […]

Toward a Better Connectionalism

Image by Steve Jurvetson

When asked what it is about Presbyterianism that people most value,  connectionalism always emerges as an essential element of this way of being Christian. Yet no one really seems to know what this means. Some might quote the Book of Order: “Congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA), while possessing all the gifts necessary to be […]

Children, Youth, and a (not so) New Kind of Christianity


I spent last week in Washington, DC for a conference called Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity. Though I wasn’t sure I would be able to attend until the last minute, I had been looking forward to this conference for a year or so. It promised to bring together the two theological areas […]