There Is an Awakening

Though I've seen it twice, have included it in pretty much every evangelism talk I've given since the full trailer came out in October, and used it to open the sermon I preached yesterday, I've managed to not blog about The Force Awakens in the three weeks since it opened. It's time to fix that. … Read more about There Is an Awakening

Which Narrative Do We Choose?

Following up on yesterday's post about the theme of exile at the NEXT Church National Gathering, here are some further thoughts about the biblical narratives we use to help us understand our situation and tell our stories. There are essentially three sweeping narratives in the Bible, all three of … Read more about Which Narrative Do We Choose?

Instructor-Assisted Deployment

I spent this past weekend in Ontario as the guest of my friend and Doctor or Ministry colleague Peter Bartlett. He was being installed (though they much more appropriately call it a covenanting service) as the co-pastor of Eastminster United Church in Belleville, Ontario.  You can watch a video of … Read more about Instructor-Assisted Deployment

Progressive Youth Ministry

There are many things that I'm looking forward to in this coming year of ministry. One of the most exciting is a conference on Progressive Youth Ministry that I have planned with Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, and Sarah Cunningham of the JoPa Group. This is a long-time dream coming true and I'm thrilled … Read more about Progressive Youth Ministry

Adventures in Post-Christendom

Yesterday I announced that I am retiring my blog tagline, "Posts from the Blog of an (un)Tamed Cynic" and adopting a different tone and focus. Today I begin this new journey under the banner of Adventures in Post-Christendom. With this rebranding I intend to convey a sense of excitement and … Read more about Adventures in Post-Christendom

Some Thoughts on the End of DOMA

As an American citizen, I'm very pleased about the Supreme Court's ruling yesterday that a key section of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. As I've noted many times on this blog, marriage equality is a civil rights issue and there is no civil basis for preventing American citizens … Read more about Some Thoughts on the End of DOMA

The Birth of Something New

Three weeks ago I wrote a post about the declining membership statistics in the PC(USA). It was a well read post and received some great responses. (I'm especially grateful for posts from Deb Avery and Dennis Sanders.) In general, I found the commentary and Facebook threads fascinating. There are … Read more about The Birth of Something New

Can the PC(USA) Be Reformed?

The second edition of the PC(USA) Mid Councils Commission is meeting this weekend in Dallas. Having served on the first (failed) attempt at this, I have a question I'd love to hear some Presbyterian perspectives on: Can the PC(USA) be reformed? Here's some background. Yesterday I wrote a post in … Read more about Can the PC(USA) Be Reformed?