It Is Finished…the DMin, That Is

DMin Thesis

On Monday I submitted the final version of my DMin thesis at McCormick Theological Seminary and since then everything has advanced such that I will graduate a week from tomorrow. I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and highly recommend it. Next week I’ll try to get back to more regular blogging by reflecting on the […]

Church is a Tool, But For What Purpose?

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I’m past the half way mark of the DMin class I’m taking with Lillian Daniel this week on “Why Church Matters in a Culture of Narcissism.” While I’m still not sure that we’ve articulated an answer to the question of why church should matter to those who would prefer “spiritual but not religious,” some thoughts […]

How to Be Church in a Culture of Narcissism?

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This week I’m taking a DMin course at McCormick Theological Seminary called “Why Church Matters in a Culture of Narcissism,” taught by Lillian Daniel. This is a class that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. It’s the kind of class on contemporary Christianity that I think is really important for a DMin […]

Post-Christendom Confirmation: A Preliminary Thesis Proposal

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This week and next I’m at McCormick Theological Seminary for what my DMin program calls a “thesis residency.” The idea is to be on campus for a dedicated time of intentional work on our thesis proposals and preliminary research. I’m beginning this time with a 15 page preliminary thesis proposal I wrote this past fall. […]

Back at SBL/AAR


Back in my PhD days, I was a regular attender of the annual meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion. In 2005 I contributed to a panel discussion of congregation-based biblical scholarship and in 2006 I presented a paper on sovereignty in Ruth. But when my academic and pastoral […]