Planning Communion with Youth


This past Sunday was “Youth Sunday” at Fourth Church. Our eighth grade confirmation class planned the liturgy and led the 11:00 service and our high school students led the 9:30 service. While the confirmation class has long planned and led a worship service at Fourth, this is only the second year we have had youth […]

Gathering Together at the Table

Photo by James Emery

At the beginning of October, the PC(USA) Middle Governing Bodies Commission will reconvene in Indianapolis. At this meeting we will finally engage each other about some of the more controversial aspects of our work. One of the issues that is looming for us—and being talked about throughout the denomination—is non-geographic presbyteries. For those not familiar […]

Christ Encounters of the Third Kind

I preached this sermon on Sunday at our 4:00 jazz service. The text is Luke 24:13-35. This has become one of my favorite stories in the entire Bible. On the one hand, it evokes a really nice memory for me of a church camp my high school youth group back in Florida would retreat to. […]

Becoming the Body of Christ

A sermon on Mark 14:10-26 for the Fourth Sunday of Lent at the 4:00 jazz service at Fourth Presbyterian Church. I wonder how Jesus’ closest followers—those friends of his that were with him at this final meal—I wonder how they remembered this night in the days, weeks, months, and years that followed, after the events […]

Communion with Youth

Maybe you’ve seen the controversial Doritos add depicting pastors wooing people into church with Doritos and Pepsi. Deemed offensive, It’s been pulled from a Super Bowl commercial contest. You can see it here: Is this video as offensive as some people make it out to be? And, what exactly is the offense: using junk food […]