A Girardian Reading of Batman v Superman

Spoiler Alert: the "surprise" plot twist of Batman v Superman is mentioned in this post. Yesterday morning I wrote a  mostly negative review of Batman v Superman, having watched it with my family on Thursday night. I just didn't leave the theater with an overwhelming sense of enjoyment. In fact, … Read more about A Girardian Reading of Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman: A Grim Theodicy

Spoiler Alert: at the end of this review I discuss the "surprise" plot twist of Batman v Superman, though anyone familiar with the Superman comics of the early 1990s knew what was coming when Doomsday appeared in one of the trailers. Even when I was a kid reading comic books, I had a preference … Read more about Batman v Superman: A Grim Theodicy

Salvation in Age of Ultron

Superhero comic books---and the movies derived from them---are contemporary manifestations of mythic archetypes as old as human history. They tap into our deepest fears and give life to our highest aspirations. Far from simple escapism, these stories are a reflection of who we are and the questions … Read more about Salvation in Age of Ultron

Telling the Story

Thanks to Adam Walker Cleaveland and Jan Edmiston, I had my world rocked last night by civil rights hero Congressman John Lewis and one of his aides, Andrew Aydin. They have collaborated on a series of graphic novels about the civil rights movement called March. They spoke at an event sponsored by … Read more about Telling the Story

The Hulk Wears Purple

Yesterday many of us wore purple to demonstrate solidarity with youth who are bullied, especially LGBT youth.  I wore the one purple t-shirt I own and made purple versions of my profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. At one point, I contemplated changing my profile picture to the Incredible Hulk, … Read more about The Hulk Wears Purple