Chicago Presbytery Reboot


On Friday I suggested that instead of tweaking calcified denominational systems, perhaps what is needed most is a reboot. I further suggested that perhaps the best place to start is in local presbyteries. What would it look like to start from scratch by studying our mission field(s) and designing a Reformed church to meet those […]

Living in the City


My family really enjoys living in Chicago. This is a great city with a lot to offer. I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in my life, which is a funny feeling. It sure seems that we’re establishing roots here. But living in Chicago—especially when you’re raising a family—isn’t always easy. Costs of […]

Youth Violence in Chicago

On Monday, the fifth and final young man to be sentenced in the brutal killing of high school student Derrion Albert was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Two years ago, the beating death of Albert, filmed on a cell phone and seen around the world, drew national and international attention to the problem of […]

Mission: Chicago

Jerusalem. Detroit. Belfast. These are the major cities I visited during my summer travels—and there were plenty of smaller and equally important cities and towns in between. One of my takeaways from this summer of travel is a desire to know as much (and more) about Chicago as I learned about these other cities and […]