What Would Jesus Ask? #GOPDebate

The final Republican¬†debate of 2015 is on CNN tonight. The topics are national security and global terrorism. Considering the way the leading¬†GOP¬†candidates are vying for the votes of evangelicals, I would love for Wolf Blitzer to ask them some questions that connect their professed Christian faith … Read more about What Would Jesus Ask? #GOPDebate

Learning to Read

This past Sunday the kindergarteners at Fourth Church received their first Bibles, a great children's version called The Lion Read and Know Bible. My son was pumped. He told me first thing that morning how excited he was---which bummed me out because I knew I'd have to miss it because of our youth … Read more about Learning to Read

Which Narrative Do We Choose?

Following up on yesterday's post about the theme of exile at the NEXT Church National Gathering, here are some further thoughts about the biblical narratives we use to help us understand our situation and tell our stories. There are essentially three sweeping narratives in the Bible, all three of … Read more about Which Narrative Do We Choose?

BBQ Dynasty

I haven't publicly commented on the Phil Robertson controversy these past few weeks. I've never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty, so I don't have much context other than what I've seen in news reports. Honestly, I think the whole thing was a publicity stunt intended to stir up old culture war … Read more about BBQ Dynasty