Celebrate Mother’s Day with Lucy Smith

Whether they admit it or not, most preachers approach Mother's Day with fear and trembling. In some places it ranks right up there with Easter as a

Big Church, Small Church

When it comes to church size, perhaps the grass is always greener. On the first day of the Vibrant Faith “Do What Matters!” training I attended

Surprised By Hospitality

During my lunch break I needed to mail a package. As I walked toward the local post office, I felt a sense of dread welling up inside of me. I've

Do What Matters with Vibrant Faith

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the work of John Roberto and his organization Lifelong Faith Associates. One of his projects is 21st Century

Naked Corn Church

Last week Seth Godin posted a fascinating observation he called "The Naked Corn Paradox." Sometimes, the thing that's done to market something makes