The Gospel is Political


Scripture Reading: Mark 11:1-11        Reflection Along with John Dominic Crossan, the late Marcus Borg pointed out the unmistakably political nature of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It was a mockery of the way Jerusalem’s Roman rulers would have entered the city, and by staging this elaborate demonstration Jesus was boldly proclaiming the emergence […]

Seminars at #PYM15

I am getting very excited for the second edition of the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference next week. For the second year in a row I think we have put together a conference unlike any other youth ministry gathering in the world. In addition to our great lineup of plenary speakers, check out this amazing array […]

God’s Kingdom is Like a Pumpkin Seed

Photo by @drmodz

Seth Godin speaks a wonderful parable in his post today: You can do two things with pumpkin seeds. Eat them, an excellent source of protein, or plant them, and watch a successful seed bring back 100 more. The farmer who plants the seeds aggressively, without regard for, “hey, be careful, I could have eaten that […]

America’s Original Sin

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Last week I ran across a humorous article—“Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites”—and posted it on my Facebook page. People have appreciated its perspective and have shared it as well. I continue to think about it. Jim Wallis has called racism America’s original sin: “The United States of America was established […]

The Peter Principle


I preached this sermon yesterday at the afternoon jazz worship service at Fourth Presbyterian Church. It is week three in our Lenten sermon series called “We Were There.” Each week we are exploring a different character from the drama of Jesus’ last days. Yesterday it was Peter and the scripture reading was Mark 14:27-42, 66-72. […]