Refreshment and Inspiration at UNCO

UNCO---an "unconference" for church leaders, pastors, families, and seminarians---has been on my wish list of events to attend for several years.

Not So Sweet 16 for the PC(USA)

In addition to the new Pew report on US religious trends, this week we also received the 2014 statistics report from the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Post-Christendom Trends Continue

Yesterday the Pew Research Center---which is among our most helpful trackers of religious trends---released new data on American religiosity:

This Is Also White Privilege

Last's night's post suggesting that Tom Brady's "Deflategate" punishment (or lack thereof) is an example of white privilege has really blown up. I've

This is White Privilege

At the afternoon jazz worship service at Fourth Presbyterian Church we read prayer cards written by the congregation during the communion liturgy.

Songs of Our Mothers

I delivered this brief homily as an introduction to an extended performance by Lucy Smith at our afternoon jazz worship service today. Lucy's latest