These are various prayers offered during public worship services, mostly as "prayers of the people."

Prayers of the People (10.13.2013)


Prayers of the People from today’s worship service at Fourth Church. The sermon text was Jeremiah 7:1-15. “Do not trust in these deceptive words.” (Jeremiah 7:4) God of our ancestors, God of the prophets: How easily indeed are we deceived into thinking that by simply coming to this place, to this sanctuary set apart, to […]

A Prayer Based on the Beatitudes

"Sea of Galilee" by Kris

I offered this prayer on July 21, 2013 as the Prayers of the People. The sermon text that day was the beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-16. God of the prophets, God of Christ: we are reminded today that your blessings do not necessarily follow the logic of the world. The world believes that the rich are […]

Prayers of the People (8.18.2013)

Photo by Börkur Sigurbjörnsson

Gracious God, we do pray that you will guide our feet as we run the race you have set before us. What an awesome calling it is to know that you invite us to participate in the transformation of the world as it is into the world as you want it to be. Yet it […]

A Prayer for Easter

Easter 2013

God, it wasn’t so long ago that we gathered together to celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect on the mysteries of the incarnation— the way Christ emptied himself of divinity while at the same time perfectly reflected your image; how he entered the fullness of humanity, with all of our joys and all of […]

A Good Friday Prayer

darkness and light

God of mystery and wonder, because we know the ending of the story, it’s tempting for us to ignore the darkness of this day. It’s tempting for us to go about our business as usual. It’s tempting for us to move too quickly to the dawn of light on Easter morning. But give us courage […]