My “Secret Agent” Spiritual Guide

College was something of a crisis of faith for me. I was basically a fundamentalist when I left high school. After planning on a career in space physics and applying to schools based on this plan, by the time I needed to decide which college to attend I had felt a call to ministry that I could no … Read more about My “Secret Agent” Spiritual Guide

Managing Decline or Pruning the Tree?

Every mainline Protestant institution---churches, denominations, seminaries, publishing houses, parachurch ministries, non-profit organizations---has been dealing with decline for decades. Increasingly, this is becoming the norm for evangelical institutions as well. I routinely find myself in … Read more about Managing Decline or Pruning the Tree?

There Is an Awakening

Though I've seen it twice, have included it in pretty much every evangelism talk I've given since the full trailer came out in October, and used it to open the sermon I preached yesterday, I've managed to not blog about The Force Awakens in the three weeks since it opened. It's time to fix that. … Read more about There Is an Awakening

What Would Jesus Ask? #GOPDebate

The final Republican debate of 2015 is on CNN tonight. The topics are national security and global terrorism. Considering the way the leading GOP candidates are vying for the votes of evangelicals, I would love for Wolf Blitzer to ask them some questions that connect their professed Christian faith … Read more about What Would Jesus Ask? #GOPDebate

Ending Gracefully

Today Seth Godin has a great post about how we end things. Quitting slowly doesn't serve you well. At work or in anything else you do, people will remember how you ended things. All in, then out is the responsible way to participate and to end that participation. Too often, we seduce ourselves … Read more about Ending Gracefully