A Girardian Reading of Batman v Superman

Spoiler Alert: the "surprise" plot twist of Batman v Superman is mentioned in this post. Yesterday morning I wrote a  mostly negative review of Batman v Superman, having watched it with my family on Thursday night. I just didn't leave the theater with an overwhelming sense of enjoyment. In fact, … Read more about A Girardian Reading of Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman: A Grim Theodicy

Spoiler Alert: at the end of this review I discuss the "surprise" plot twist of Batman v Superman, though anyone familiar with the Superman comics of the early 1990s knew what was coming when Doomsday appeared in one of the trailers. Even when I was a kid reading comic books, I had a preference … Read more about Batman v Superman: A Grim Theodicy

Spirituality in Twelve Steps

My "giving up church for Lent" blog series was disrupted last week when I traveled to Dallas for the Progressive Youth Ministry conference, which you can read about here. Now I'm in Atlanta for the NEXT Church national gathering and finding my days just as full. But I'm still thinking about the … Read more about Spirituality in Twelve Steps

Finding God In Earth, Water, and Sky

Experiencing God in nature is one of the prime targets of those who condescendingly dismiss the spirituality of people who identify as spiritual but not religious. Apparently it's superficial and narcissistic to find God in in the mountains or in a sunset. Or, it's not enough to experience such … Read more about Finding God In Earth, Water, and Sky

Tired of Being Insulted

Now that I've established some of my assumptions and interests, I'm beginning my "giving up church for Lent" journey wth Diana Butler Bass' new book, Grounded: Finding God in the World---A Spiritual Revolution. Bass' previous book, Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a … Read more about Tired of Being Insulted

Attractional Church No Longer Works

A major assumption behind this "giving up church for Lent" thought experiment is my conviction that attractional church models no longer work in post-Christendom. Church growth strategies designed to attract members with better worship services and programs have a limited return on investment … Read more about Attractional Church No Longer Works