The Light of Christ Shines Bright

Easter 2014

God of majesty, God of grace, God of love, God of peace, God of wonder, God of mystery, God of hope, God of joy: In the darkness of night at the Easter Vigil, at the breaking of dawn early this morning on the beach, and now in this magnificent place filled with people eager to […]

Which Narrative Do We Choose?

"Signs of Life" by Christie

Following up on yesterday’s post about the theme of exile at the NEXT Church National Gathering, here are some further thoughts about the biblical narratives we use to help us understand our situation and tell our stories. There are essentially three sweeping narratives in the Bible, all three of which are variations of the same […]

Random Social Media Analogy


I have no idea why I thought of this, but here it is. (I think it must have been reflecting on the use of Twitter at recent conferences.) When I was in college I drove a big honkin’ pickup truck. It fit my Texas lifestyle. (I still kinda miss that truck.) It was about a […]

Struggling with Exile at #NEXTChurch2014

My notes from Tuesday morning at NEXT 2014

The two and a half days I spent at the 2014 NEXT Church National Gathering were refreshing and inspiring. I want to make a few general comments about the conference before diving into the theme that I wrestled with the most. I’ve now been to all of the NEXT national gatherings except last year (including […]

Progressive Youth Ministry Recap


Several years ago I reached out to Tony Jones with the idea of putting together a youth ministry conference that was unambiguously progressive. Nothing like this really existed and I was frustrated with having to filter other conference experiences through my progressive theological perspective and often found myself disappointed. We both agreed that this was […]