Photo by Walt Stoneburner

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:40-45 Reflection Choices. It is interesting that the leper frames his request to Jesus for healing with “If you choose . . .” It is equally interesting that Jesus acknowledges and honors this way of asking by responding, “I do choose.” I think this primed me to notice that there is another […]

Wounded by the Church

Stuff Christian Culture Likes

Before yesterday I had only a peripheral awareness of the Stuff Christian Culture Likes page on Facebook. Every now and then someone would share one of their posts and it would show up in my feed, usually something snarky that pokes fun at evangelical Christian culture. I always thought it was pretty fun satire. But […]


Photo by Mark Hunter

That Lent is a discrete season of the church year is a blessing and a curse. I am grateful for this time set aside in the rhythm of church life for focused reflection on spiritual matters. In the same way that I need structure and accountability to maintain disciplines like exercise and healthy eating—both of […]

A True Story


As I preach my final sermons at Fourth Presbyterian Church, I’m trying to resist the temptation to squeeze in everything I ever wanted to say here. But I’m not trying too hard. This past Sunday, Transfiguration Sunday, I preached this sermon about what makes a Bible story true. I didn’t quote Marcus Borg, but his […]

On Tony Jones and Progressive Youth Ministry (Redux)


Three weeks ago I wrote a post about an online controversy regarding serious allegations made against Tony Jones. I felt compelled to post something because he and I have planned a conference that I am very proud of. Since then this controversy has escalated and today I am removing my original post. In it’s place […]