The View from the Mountaintop

Photo by Patrick M

I preached this sermon yesterday at the afternoon jazz worship service at Fourth Presbyterian Church. The scripture text was Deuteronomy 34:1-12. You can hear an audio recording of the sermon here: The View from the Mountaintop (10.26.2014) I’ll never forget the day I visited the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. It has been […]

Why Join A Church?

Image by Craig Taylor

Last week a young leader in our church told me that she had been in a conversation with a friend about the benefits of joining a church versus simply going to church. She thought she had some good answers but was curious what a pastor at her church thought. Here is my response: Great question. […]

Confirmation Questions

Photo by Derek Bruff

Each year I begin our youth confirmation experience by asking our eighth grade students to write down the questions they have about God, faith, and the church. The questions they (and their adult leaders) come up with are always illuminating. Here are the questions our youth are asking this year, in no particular order but […]

Richard Rohr is Water for a Thirsty Soul

Staining the Deck

I’m away from church this week for a combination of vacation and study leave. I had hoped to get a bunch of reading and blog writing done, but my time has been broken up by, among other things, a list of household projects I have been needing to do. One of them—staining the deck up […]

Debating Ferguson

Ferguson Needs You

A few days ago I shared a Facebook link about a clergy-led non-violent act of resistance in Ferguson, MO next week and asked if anyone from Chicago was planning on going. It generated quite a debate between one of my oldest friends—who happens to be a police officer in Atlanta—and one of my new friends—who […]