A friend of mine in California is leading an adult education class on post-Christendom and asked me to put together some introductory videos for her class. Here is the second video. (Check out the first one here.)

She didn’t have time to show them, but here are some examples of churches doing the kinds of things I’m talking about.

After making this video and suggesting these examples, it occurs to me that this type of thing only goes so far in addressing the needs of being church in post-Christendom. Essentially, these are simply offering an alternative institution that is more appealing to contemporary people than the old Christendom models. My BBQ Church idea is no different. While I think that there is a place for this, another (and more radical) post-Christendom strategy is to think about ways of being church that don’t rely on institutions at all. (More on this later.)

John W. Vest

John is a "church hacker" attempting to overcome the limitations of church as we know it. To connect with him and learn more about his work, please visit johnvest.com.

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      • There’s so much to say about this subject John,
        What is Church, God, Worship, Music, etc. for people of color – will it work in a bar, coffee shop model?

        Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin is a great expression of
        the ethos of worship for many (not all) of our African American Christians……

        It would be great to start a community conversation around this topic as we move forward

        • I just ordered a copy of “Go Tell It On the Mountain” and look forward to reading it. I’d love to have a wider conversation about this moving forward. I recognize that my thinking on post-Christendom is shaped by my limited context in predominately white urban and suburban congregations. I would like to think through these issues as they may or may not apply in different cultural contexts.


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