shadowReading: John 11:28-44

It wasn’t always a good thing to be featured in one of Jesus’ object lessons. I’m sure that Lazarus and Mary might have chosen a different way for Jesus to make his point. But then again, Lazarus ended up with a whopper of a story to tell at dinner parties.

Can you imagine what life after death must have been like for Lazarus? Do you think he lived differently after he was brought back from the dead? Do you think his priorities changed? Do you think he viewed the world with different eyes? Do you think he ever stopped talking about what God did for him through Jesus?

A spiritual reading of John’s story of Jesus suggests that through faith we all die to our former selves and are reborn anew. What is life after death like for us? Has our encounter with Christ changed our lives as drastically as it happened with Lazarus? Are we different people? Are we as inspired to share our story as Lazarus must have been?

Gracious God, as you lead me from death to life, give me courage to share my story with others and participate in your transformation of the whole world. Amen.

John W. Vest

John is a "church hacker" attempting to overcome the limitations of church as we know it. To connect with him and learn more about his work, please visit

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