Contemplative Worship

Related to my current interest in contemplative spirituality, I've been pondering some foundational questions about Protestant worship. In particular,

Expanded Statement of Faith

For years I've written and revised statements of faith as part of the confirmation programs I've led. I posted my most recent version here. Now that

The Tattooed People

Yesterday I had lunch with two new friends and ministry colleagues. One of them—a denominational leader in campus and young adult ministry—noticed two

O Captain! My Captain!

I started this post a year ago and for a variety of reasons never finished it. Some of what I was feeling at the time found expression in this sermon.

A Different Knowledge of God

Last week in my reflections on the PC(USA) Big Tent event, I raised a critical question about mainline Protestantism: do we know God or do we just

Real Good News

I'm on the hunt for good news in mainline Protestantism. The number of baptisms or new members in your congregation is not the good news I'm